Situated in a vibrant touristic environment between Bangkok and Rayong pattaya offers infrastructure ,facilities and tourist ,destinations,boosting local economy ,businesses and industry .thus ,it Thai itoh intensive cost services co.ltd decided to found a technological college in 2003 that will provide residents of the chonburi province with the unique opportunity to study technology related subjects necessary or thai and's economic and industrial development classified as a coeducational college offering vocational certificates and diplomas Thai itho technological college is situated on 310 alley 6 Muang Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150.

Founder of a school

Thai itoh Technology School (Pattaya) was founded by Thai Itoh Intensive Care Company. Service Limited, which has 7 executive committees, consisting.

  1. Prof.Dr.Boonsom Martin, Chairman of the Committee
  2. Mr.Sunan Prasertsom,President
  3. Mr.Hyoji Itoh, Executive director
  4. Mr.Chon Khunpalin, the director
  5. Mr.Masanobu Itoh, the director
  6. Mr.Kazawuo Oba, the director
  7. Mrs.Arasa Khunpalin, Director and Secretary

The advisory committee is a specialized expert in consulting from state-owned institutions and private sectors such as Burapha University, Samut Prakan Technology College, Chonburi Agricultural Technology. Honda Company, Japan, Private Vocational School Association of Thailand School Association Private Vocational Education of Thailand Association of Japan Vocation School Thai Itoh School. The language and business of Bangkok International school and professors who possess the knowledge and expertise in the fields they can teach. Academic assistance consultation in 2001 has begun construction of buildings consisting of school buildings 3 floors 1 behind the school building 2 floors 1 after the workshop 1 floor 1 after completed in March 2003. The Board of Director of Thai Itoh intensive Cost Service Co., Ltd. has convened a meeting to appoint a person. To operate the school on February 24, 2003, which consists of

  1. Prof. Dr. Boonsom Martin as the licensee
  2. Mr. Suradej Prasertsom as the manager
  3. Mr. Progsathorn Ruamsuk as the principal

It was granted a license on June 30, 2003, and opened for teaching in the first semester of 2003. in two categories.

“Specializing in language and technology, pursuing knowledge, excelling with virtue”


“Excellent skill, excellent moral, academic progress , Technology specialization and meaningful expertise ”


"Excellent skills" means focusing on a learning process that consist of creativity ,diligence ,demostration related endurance , mastery.

"Excellent skills" means focusing on a learning process that consist of creativity ,diligence ,demostration related endurance , mastery.

"Excellent moral"means making the students be aware of qualities that consist of virtues , ethics, selflessness ,social self sacrifice Finally ,these qualities and traits should be adopted by the students themselves..

"Academic Advancement " means focusing on the development of school with the frame of vocational education for service and support to local communities and local communities.

Technology specialization means focusing on developing school excel in modern technology for services and support to the community and local communities.

Thai itoh's Technological college philosophy consists of general development.The quality of the students is based on education management .The nation has said "Education is life,training the students to be thinkers solve problems in line with the objectives drafted in the Nationl Education act.B.E 2542 underlining the importance of education as a way of life (Education is the blood of life). Thus,academic institutions hope people will become integral and positive part of the society , representing analytical and moral athics and institutional academic leadership .The company specializes in the use of cutting-edge technology aiming dedication ,sacrifice for the community and promotional activities.cooperating with the local community the philosophy of the school has been in use since its inception and has beenopening its doors for the last twenty years .Indeed, the first academic year stanted in 2003 to today.Thai ITOH TECH. COLLEGE is a vibrant and growing educationanl Enterprise educating pepole from across Thailand and some other foreign nations such as France and Finland.


  1. Developing a curriculum for teaching process, measurement, assessment and evaluation.
  2. Producing and developing the upto date and innovativethat can be used by researchersin the related fields.
  3. Developing teachers, professor's educational identity.
  4. Expending opportunities for equal access to educational services and learning environments.
  5. Developing and promoting technological information and communication system for the field education.
  6. Developing management systems and encourageing all sectors to participate in educational management.


  1. Promoting learning activities , seminars,workshops and hands-on jobs experience .
  2. Promoting research and innovation.
  3. Promoting academic services for the community and society.
  4. Promoting the maintenance of religion, art, culture, sports, and recreation
  5. Promoting the managerical and educational institutions.
  6. Promote the development of teachers and educational personnel.
  7. Promoting teacher and personal identity of staff.
  8. Promoting financial and budgetary educational institutions.
  9. Promoting quality assurance systems to meet international standards.